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SolRayo Potentiostats

A potentiostat is a piece of equipment used in a wide range of electrochemistry applications. Today, the term “potentiostat” is often used in reference to equipment that performs the functions of a potentiostat, galvanostat, and sometimes an impedance analyzer as well.

  • A potentiostat is used to apply voltage to a system and measure the current
  • A galvanostat supplies current and measures the voltage
  • An impedance analyzer allows tests to be performed at high frequencies

Enable IPC's subsidiary, SolRayo, began offering potentiostat system in January 2010. These systems combine our proprietary software, written and compatible with LabVIEW, and utilizing some key components supplied by National Instruments. A summary of the system can be found on both SolRayo's instruments website, as well as National Instrument's website.

These potentiostat systems allow the user to choose exactly the features they want at an attractive price, with systems ranging from a simple single channel machine to multi-channel instruments with all the bells and whistles including high and low current options, MHz frequency response, built-in computers, and many more options.

These devices may be used in battery, capacitor, solar cell, fuel cell, sensor and metal corrosion applications, to name a few. They are used by research institutions, universities and companies.

Enable IPC is seeking licensing partners for this technology. Contact us for more information.

For more information about Enable IPC / SolRayo's potentiostat systems, click here.


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